Woo! After more than a year of on-off playing (with most of the chionging done in the last month), I’ve finally finished Disgaea DS! Of course, I only finished the main storyline and there’re supposedly hours of extras and bonuses (no kidding) after that but screw it! I’m not going to touch the extras and bonuses for a long while.

The final battle was so dramatic. Earlier on, I used a potion on a wrong character (pressed too fast) and my team’s counters did more harm to me than to the enemy and at the very last part it was super touch-and-go. Either I would have won this turn or lost the next. So close!

So proud of myself hahaha. Now I can finally move on to the whole bevy of other SRPGs I have prepared on the DS and PSP. This time around I’ve learnt my lesson. Gonna read up before and just as I’m starting the games so I don’t regret my decisions halfway through like in Disgaea and waste time retraining and restarting.


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