Hitler finds out he didn’t get his modules on CORS.

Remember this? The viral Hitler video has been used to spoof a lot of things but the Michael Jackson one had to be one of the funniest.

Just in time for bidding week, here’s one that’s sure to tickle the ribs of any NUS student (at least it tickled mine) who has had to use CORS to bid for modules before.

I have no idea who did it but, whoever you are, I salute you! Not only is it spot-on, it’s darn freakin’ hilarious! I love how some parts of the subtitles actually match the dialogue (“blah blah blah…Stalin!”) or on-screen action (“your stomach is growling already”). Only for NUS students, though.

eta: If you don’t see the subtitles, click on the triangle sign at the bottom right corner and click on “CC”.


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