Zendikar: Unearthing treasures.

On the 7th day of the new year, I decided to spectacularly break one of my resolutions. Instead of practising sound financial control (and the guideline that I’m to only spend on sales and discounts this year), I blew over S$150 on a (normal-priced) Zendikar Magic: the Gathering booster box today.

But, you know what? It felt so good! (Also, the value of some of the cards I opened actually totally offset the price)

Two sets ago, when I shared an Alara Reborn booster box with Wei Jian, he ended up getting ALL the good rares (except one decent one) in the box while I got all the crappy ones. Then, when we each bought our own M10 core edition booster boxes, I had the overall better set while Wei got several crappy ones but also several really good ones.

This time, my set of cards totally thrashed his. Although he did get a few decent cards (including several I wanted), even his good ones weren’t worth all that much and his mythics (the uber rares that each box only has four of) were pretty crap. Mine were not only generally great (with a few duds), I also had awesome mythics and many, many cards he wanted.

Some of the best cards I opened (and their approximate prices): Day of Judgment ($16), Sorin Markov ($26), Lotus Cobra (the most expensive card in Zendikar, worth $30 each!), Ob Nixilis ($20), three dual lands (each worth about $25), not to mention several rares I needed for my different decks.

We also played three sealed matches, playing with a set of six, taking a break and just opening the next six, playing the following six and so on. While the first was close (and a huge mana screw killed me in the third game and I lost 2-1), the second was a total walkover (despite it being my favourite deck of the three, Wei won me 2-0 easily) and I won the third match in a quick, decisive 2-0 match for a 2-1 losing final score.

Still, it’s the experience that counts and I learnt a lot from my mistakes. At least it’s better making the mistakes here with Wei guiding me along than during an actual online tournament with prizes at stake.

Plus, at the end, Wei and I traded some cards, me passing him a few expensive cards that I didn’t need (and that he wanted) while he passed me a whole slew of much cheaper cards (that had equal total value) that I needed for several of my decks so it was win-win. Woo!

PLUS, after that we continued the day of revelry with Yu Fen at this awesome North Indian restaurant, but more on that in a future post!


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