Buy, buy, buy!

After spending a gross amount of money yesterday, I went with Yu Fen to Queensway Shopping Centre today to load up on some stuff before the new semester starts and spend even more money.

There’s a difference between today’s wallet diarrhoea and yesterday’s, though.

Unlike the booster box, which was unplanned for and on impulse, I’ve been planning to get several of these items (one of which is actually a necessity for school) for weeks and have actually allocated a small budget for them (not to mention the fact that one of them is sponsored by dear mummy).

Plus, they were all on sale or discounted so at least I still followed that criteria.

The items (from left, clockwise):
-Adidas tennis shoes (alas, the Nike pair that I really wanted is already no longer in production and all the stores only had single, huge-ass pairs left) $81 [discounted from $109]
-Striped polo tee (it was buy-1-get-1-free so I shared with Yu Fen, who bought a cute top) $16.50
-Everlast sandals (was looking at Teva ones but they were literally more than twice the price. These were the cheapest decent-brand sandals I found in the whole mall) $29.90 [promotional price]
-Nike socks (gotten from the same shop as the shoes, hence further discount. A pair used to cost me around $7-8) $15 for three pairs [promo + discount]
-Deuter bag (love the look and colour and the service guy was so nice) $75 [discounted from $99]

The tennis shoes were sponsored by my mum. Also, the necessity I mentioned is the backpack, since my current one is way too small for school and I always end up stretching it to tearing limits with my school stuff. This one is just the right size (and pretty decent on the eyes too, if I might say so).

So, I’ve spent probably my entire expendable allowance this month and will be surviving on bread and water for the rest of Jan (especially if I’m getting my Blackberry Bold 9700 within the next few weeks). Anyone wanna treat me to delicacies in school?

eta. Got my mum to sponsor me the socks too! Woo!


2 thoughts on “Buy, buy, buy!

    • Gabriel says:

      IT DOES MEH?! I purposely told Yu Fen to make sure it’s not the same (I have no idea what yours looks like) because you confirm kaobei one. And it’s green.

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