Khansama Tandoori Castle: GLORIOUS.

Who: Wei Jian, Yu Fen and me
What: Dinner to celebrate Wei Jian’s birthday
Where: Khansama Tandoori Restaurant, Biopolis
When: 07/01/10, evening

Yu Fen and the service dudes.

Me and Wei Jian.

Aloo Tikki Chaat (mashed potato patty filled with cottage cheese, green peas, gram daal and served with sauces).

Mutton Kaathi Kebabs (mutton slices and salad in roti).

Navrattan Korma (assortment of fresh garden vege cooked in mild butter and cream sauce). In Wei Jian’s word: GLORIOUS.

Chicken Tikka Masala (boneless roasted chicken cooked with onion, tomatoes and simmered in a pan with light curry and tomato sauces).

Bread basket (plain, butter, garlic and cheese naan and tandoori roti).

Best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at and had to review. Totally giving it 5 out of 5 stars. Will post a link to my review of it on my blog once it’s up, but for anyone who wants to know (and people have been asking me about it), this restaurant is at Biopolis, which is opposite Buona Vista MRT station. It’s hidden right at the end of science hub, at Immunos block. Hidden treasure, indeed.


4 thoughts on “Khansama Tandoori Castle: GLORIOUS.

    • Gabriel says:

      Oh yeah we definitely should go there. Prices are pretty good! For all the stuff you see above, which stuffed the three of us totally, it was $60 in total (so $20 per person). And that’s inclusive of the drinks we had.

      Best thing is, there’s no service charge or GST.

    • Gabriel says:

      Yeah! Apparently Biopolis has A LOT of eating places, pubs and cafes, presumably so all the people who work there don’t have to spend half an hour walking out every lunch hour. Next time bring you go there. It’s hidden right inside.

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