Take? Drop? Urgh.

Continue with five modules a sem or drop to four?

Before module bidding began, my plan was to get two psychology modules (including the essential one I need to declare my major), a history module (History of Japan), a Southeast Asian module I have to clear as well as a business module (Management and Organisation), which would fulfill my non-arts requirement.

During the module preference ranking exercise (the round before module bidding where you can apply for pre-allocated modules belonging to your major, which for me is history at the moment), I was kiasu so I applied for two history modules, including the Japan one and and another about the Mediterranean, both of which I successfully got.

Now that the module bidding round is over, I’ve got my two psychology modules (at a very high price, which is likely going to affect my next semester), the Southeast Asian module and my history modules. I didn’t get the business module though, as the lowest bidding point was already way above what I had in my bidding account.

The thing is, though, I never really planned to take the second history module (am planning to take it next semester) and was going to drop it for the business module anyway. Logic would state that since I didn’t get the business module, I should just continue with both history mods, giving me five modules, right?

After some considering, however, I’m thinking about still dropping the history module and just taking four modules instead. Three of my four modules (the two psych ones, especially) all seem to be really heavy and taking four modules might help lighten the load and let me do better.

Pros of taking four modules a semester:
-More time for each module per semester and generally lightened load, leading to (hopefully) better results
-I can still graduate in three years, like my JC cohort-mates
-A more relaxed, manageable pace (especially for this coming semester, where several of my modules look really heavy and time-consuming)
-Easier time each semester bidding for modules (since I have less modules to try for) and tutorials (especially after using up most of my points this semester)

Cons of taking four modules a semester:
-I’ll take six semesters instead of five (unless I do six modules in a coming semester, which would be suicidal) to graduate
-Which would mean an extra semester of school fees (another S$3000) and also losing any time advantage I have over my JC cohort-mates

So, what do you guys think?

Any advice or friends who have experienced four modules a semester? I’m currently leaning on dropping my module and going for four but once I do that, there’s no turning back. It’s either six mods in one semester or an additional semester. Any reasons I have to do five a semester?

Have to confirm by Tuesday latest so let me know by then!


4 thoughts on “Take? Drop? Urgh.

  1. Yi Han says:

    Check to see if each module provides a course profile, and see what are the assignments given, the due date for these assignments and what each assignment entails. From there, you can roughly gauge your workload and make a decision.

    If the assignments for every mod is a 2500 word essay due on the same week, you might have a lot to handle. If the assignments are spread out evenly, then i say why not if you are confident in handling it.

    Graduating earlier would of course be advantageous, but doing well and acing the courses should be a priority.

    Just my opinion, and GOOD LUCK with whatever decision you choose!

    • Gabriel says:

      Haha yeah I weighed all the pros and cons and in the end decided to drop a module and take it slower each sem. Plus, my batch is super competitive so I need to make sure I can match up hahaha.

      Thanks for the advice!

    • Gabriel says:

      And yeah! Mine too! I don’t even know why my picture is there cause I used this one under my WordPress account and this is a totally different account haha. Maybe it’s saved under email.

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