My most anticipated game of 2010?

Ask Men, which is an awesome men’s lifestyle online magazine that all dudes should check out, did a preview of their 10 most anticipated games of 2010. The list is peppered with huge titles like Final Fantasy XIII, BioShock 2, Gran Turismo 5 and God of War III but, fantastic as these few are surely going to be, I think that they left out a game that’s sure to be great.

My most anticipated game of 2010 would be (take a look at the tags above and if you don’t get it right in two tries I’ll never talk to you again)…

Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver!

Sure, scoff if you will. But true Pokémon players will know that, beneath the candy-coated merchandise-able veneer meant to attract kids and empty their wallets lies a game of incredible depth, strategy and…well…fun that most people who get turned off by the game’s “kiddiness” never get to experience.

Other than being the most feature filled Pokémon game yet, cramming all the best parts of all the previous generations into a single cartridge, this series is also a remake of the Gameboy Colour Gold/Silver/Crystal generation that remains my favourite to this day, thanks to its revolutionary mechanics (day/night events and breeding, just off the top of my head), incredibly large in-game area (it included both a new world and the old region first explored in the original Red/Blue/Yellow games) and consequently huge replay value.

Although HGSS doesn’t come with many new or groundbreaking features of its own (being a remake, it doesn’t really have to), it will come with the Pokéwalker accessory you see in the corner of the box arts there. Essentially a Tamagotchi-lite, it allows a player to transfer Pokémon over from the game to this little egg-shaped device to be carried around, acting as a pedometer to record the player’s step count, which will contribute to its experience and level gain. Additionally, new wild Pokémon can also be caught in the little device.

For newcomers to the series (or those who haven’t played since the originals almost a decade back), HGSS, despite being remakes and not full games like the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum series for DS, would be the most complete and comprehensive (yet still manageable) jump-in point and, for old fanboys (like me), it’s unbelievable fan-service and will be just about the most exciting thing in 2010.

While the games mentioned earlier in the top 1o list would no doubt be fun plays, this is the only game which I know I’m going to get in its release week (at full price, no less) and will definitely be the one I’ll spend the most time on.


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