Koizumi plays mahjong. Seriously.

Ok, this upcoming anime (Japanese animation) is a must watch, even for non-anime fans.

Titled The Legend of Koizumi and based on a manga (Japanese comic) of the same name, the anime is about the titular character (yes, that Koizumi, a.k.a. ex prime minister of Japan), who goes around the round battling other (real-life) world leaders and doing heroic stuff. By playing mahjong.

As you can see from the video above, the action is super dramatic, the script and tone is satrical and over the top and it looks AWESOME. Plus, Jong-il (not to mention G.Bush Snr and Jnr) was totally hilarious hahaha.

For the full list of opponents (at least in the manga), go here. Apparently the anime starts late Feb this year so keep a look out for it!


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