Suit up!

This week’s episodes of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, while not the best I’ve seen (or even the best this season), had their shining moments.

The Green Lantern’s lantern that Sheldon wielded on BBT was just about the coolest piece of comic geek paraphernalia I’d even seen and I so want one! I mean, the Green Lantern has always been my favourite DC character and Sheldon’s recitation of part of The Oath just made the episode, to me.

As for How I Met Your Mother, while I felt that, for a special celebratory 100th episode, the plot and jokes were kinda filler-ep-ish, they did end with something that totally made up for the lack of LOLs:

(It’s a mirror-image so it looks kinda weird to those who watched the ep but it’s fine for those who didn’t)

Granted, it’s no Once More, With Feeling (which is, bar none, the single best hour of television ever) and was totally random, but it was still awesome. Neil Patrick Harris is insanely talented and the behind-the-scenes shows just how much work actually went into it. Totally made me want to get a suit, too. (Plus, the song’s kinda stuck in my head now)


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