We tackled another monster, and won again.

A couple of months back, Shin, Wei Jian and I took on a monster dessert dish, and won. Aptly called the Never Give Up!, we gulped our way down a huge jug of fruits, ice cream, whipped cream and corn flakes. Emboldened by our success, we upped the scales today.

After a hearty (if not entirely satisfying) lunch at Jurong Point’s Billy Bombers today, Aaron, Wei Jian and I headed down to Benten Cafe, where we forced coerced Yu Fen to try the holy grail of monster desserts there, the (if memory serves) Ambiry Babiru.

Basically a supersized version of the Never Give Up!, the Babiru comes in a huge fish bowl instead of the tankard and has an obscene amount of (nicely cut) fruits, some cake and ice cream covering an insane load of corn flakes and fudge.

To give you an idea of the scale of the bowl, here it is compared to Yu Fen’s hand:

It’s even bigger than it looks in the picture and the gasps we uttered when it first landed on our tables were only compounded by the steady stream of curious, impressed passersby who gawked and pointed the entire time the four of us attempted to finish this.

Strangely enough, we actually managed to finish it quite quickly (although we all just about died after).

And, just to give you a further idea of the size of the bowl, here’s Aaron and I, doing the obligatory “I’m never eating again” grumble after finishing our last spoonfuls:

Crazy Courageous, no?

ps. Actually, I’d place my bet on “stupid” because I was just recovering from a flu and sore throat before stuffing like a week’s worth of corn flakes into my mouth and now my throat is totally aggravated and I got SexyVoice.


2 thoughts on “We tackled another monster, and won again.

    • Gabriel says:

      Oh it’s really NOT healthy hahaha. It’s super fattening and sinful. Hmm it was S$45 after GST and service charge. Not cheap, but then again it’s a huge-ass dessert meant for 4-5.

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