Professor Darwin – the original Pokémon researcher.

This is yet another Pokémon post but totally by coincidence. I found those posts last night when I was going to sleep and this one I just saw this morning on another site (which isn’t even about Pokémon, per se).

As you might know, Threadless (the online t-shirt company) occasionally accepts submissions of designs from the public to print on to their shirts. And you know what? I think I found my favourite one ever.

Look! It’s Charles Darwin. But look closer! Notice something? I would expound more on it but I think the text explanation that came with the shirt’s entry on the site is too much Awesome on its own so here it is:

Pallet Town, England, 1831 – A young naturalist named Charles Darwin sets sail on a five year voyage of discovery to lands great and unknown. Always a keen observer and ardent collector, Darwin delighted at the strange, wonderful, and pugnacious creatures he discovered. As his collections grew, he noticed that certain creatures bore marked similarities to certain others, and he began wondering how such new creatures came into existence.

Upon his return, Darwin spent decades writing, researching, and collecting; expanding his ideas into a theory which he finally presented to the Cerulean Zoological Society and published in the momentous and influential manuscript: On the Origin of Species of Small Fighting Monster by Means of Repeated Combat, or the Acquisition of Novel Forms in the Struggle to Collect them All.

This year we celebrate the 200th birthday of the world’s greatest naturalist, and on November 24th, the 150th anniversary of his greatest work.

Not only did he catch them all, but he discovered the process by which they came to be.

Alas, the voting has already ended but I REALLY REALLY hope this goes to print. I’d so get one, even at full price.

And also, I’d just like to say that I love every single little minutiae of Pokémon reference inside. I’m also very proud to say that I immediately identified the row of skulls as belonging to the Char- family.

Source: Threadless


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