Letters of love.


The Chinese New Year period is always a fun time for me. While most of my childhood CNY years were spent cowering in inexplicable fear every time I heard the echoing gongs of a lion dance troupe’s drums, plenty of other niceties made up for it.

There were the visits with the relatives (understandably not a pro for some), the endless reruns of old Hong Kong CNY comedies, the marathon mahjong sessions, the ubiquitous red packets of ka-ching and, of course, the munchies.

Pineapples tarts, kueh bangkit (i.e. “chalk”), prawn cracker rolls (which I used to stick in my mouth like little wussy cigars), yu sheng (which I’ve only grown to love, but with unequivocal passion, in recent years) – all these are some of the main reasons why I’ve never gotten those rock-hard abs I’ve always wanted. My favourite diet-buster, though, is the egg roll, or love letter.

There’s just something about a thin, crispy piece of flour mixed with egg, rolled up into a stick – the Chinese donut, if you will – that has me drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

So, when one of my friends told me recently that she was selling some New Year goodies to raise funds for her Chinese Orchestra’s concert, promising that it would come in attractive packaging and at competitive prices, I was hooked, immediately signing up for a tin.

And boy, was I glad I did.

So the moment I got the box, I cracked the lid open and this is what I saw…

…or not. Ok I kinda cheated because this was taken a few days after I’d first had a go at it and already finished off quite a few. Still, I think it’s terribly exciting when you open one of these and see all the egg rolls lined up nicely inside.

Grabbed a handful of rolls and laid it all out on the plate to admire devour.

Going to try it out! And you know what? It was really good! The rolls are a tad shorter than usual, but they’re crisp, full of egg taste and have a fantastic texture. Plus, the smell is just divine. Very tasty and good for breakfast, or a mid-day snack or even some supper for when you’re feeling peckish but don’t want to pig out.

As you can see, the box is really nice and all festive looking (i.e. red) so it not only makes for some nice decoration at home to match the ang-pow lanterns and what not, but also makes for an excellent gift to relatives and friends (i.e. ME). Sure beats the clear containers from the supermarkets!

If you’re interested in getting some tins to try, you can drop me an email at gforgabriel@gmail.com to place an order and I’ll place it for you. The tins come at S$12 for a tin of 90 rolls. If egg rolls are not your thing, you can also get prawn rolls (S$13 for a 300g box), kueh lapis (S$28 for a 900g box), pineapple tarts (S$15 for a 430g box) and raspberry & hazelnut cookies (S$12 for a 400g box). Have it on good authority that the cookies are fantastic.

So, don’t wait already! Chinese New Year is soon approaching!


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