That OTHER Avatar.

More than a year ago, when the first hype over a little movie that James Cameron was directing called “Avatar” began to break out, I totally thought it was a movie adaptation of the most awesome American animation ever. Alas, it just turned out to be a flick about a blue Pocahontas that’s, like, breaking every movie record ever.

Still, apparently there is going to be an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie adaptation, only they had to take out the “Avatar” from its name because James Cameron totally owns it now. And now, the first promotional posters are out!

Fierce right? There’s also a trailer, although nothing actually really happens in it:

At least the special effects look pretty! For some reason, Aang (the titular character who’s the, duh, last airbender left in the world and who has to save th- heck, just go read the wiki page above. It’s awesome stuff) is played by an ang-moh and main protagonist Zukko is played by Slumdog Millionaire?! Oh wells.

Even though the movie isn’t directed by the King of The World, at least M. Night Similan is a known director and has had some one hits so hopefully he won’t screw it up. And hopefully he doesn’t shove a weird-ass twist into the ending to shake it up or something.

Excited for this!

ps. Hopefully they’ll have an intro scene (or trailer) that is a shot-by-shot live replica of the anime’s opening scene. That. Would. Be. Awesome.

pps. And for those of you who haven’t checked out the show yet, I’d totally advise you to. Unlike most Nickelodeon cartoons, this scripting is really well done, entertaining both kids and adults on different levels and the show incorporates a lot of Asian (especially Chinese) culture into the setting. Easily in my top three anime ever.


2 thoughts on “That OTHER Avatar.

  1. wai lreng says:

    yea i finished the whole series as well. really liked it. i wonder what the movie will be like though.. hmm.

    but technically speaking, this really isn’t an anime.

    • Gabriel says:

      Haha I really hope they won’t mess it up. Yeah I know it’s not technically an anime but the art direction and style is much closer to a Japanese animation than a typical US cartoon so I’m “promoting” it to a higher rank hahaa.

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