Egg tarts!

Back in 2007, I went on a trip to Taiwan with Grace and Lynn for some pre-enlistment merry-making. Although I enjoyed every single aspect of the trip (after all, when does a guy get to go to a fascinating place with two girls?), the thing that I remember most fondly of is the KFC Portuguese egg tarts there.

Yes, KFC. As in, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Odd though it seemed, the tarts (which were highly recommended by Tricia) were fresh, filled with amazing egg filling, crispy delicious crusts and were so good we had it almost every morning (and no, no chicken bits inside or anything). Best egg tarts I’d ever had (and this is coming from an egg tart lover who has tasted the fabled – and overrated  – egg tarts of Macau).

Guess what? I was at KFC Clementi just now with Marcus (btw, rewarding yourself to a greasy, sinful meal after the most productive day of work you’ve had in weeks = immensely satisfying) and, apparently, it’s on sale here now! I had a huge meal just now so I didn’t want to spoil my virgin Singapore KFC egg tart experience by stuffing it down on a bloated stomach, but I’m so going to grab some one of these days.

It’s pretty expensive (S$1.30 for one, S$7.50 for a box of six, compared to, if I remember correctly, a same-sized box going for around S$6 in Taiwan) but only slightly more so than other Portuguese egg tarts here. Regardless, I am so going to try it and it better be somewhere near as good as the Taiwanese ones.

Anyone wanna go try it with me?


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