American Idol: the last 17 out of 24.

Continuing from yesterday’s episode, tonight saw the announcement of the last 17 slots in the top 24.

Janell Wheeler: I didn’t like her original audition and I still don’t think she’s the best singer around by any measure but her ‘American Boy’ was pretty good so guess she needs to continue in that sort of genre and style.Plus, she seems like a nice person and the fact that she actually acknowledged her bombed performances pushes her up a notch in my book.

Tyler Grady: Eeyer I’m totally not a fan of his style, his laidback hippie vibe or his voice (which tends to be strained and flat when he tries for the bigger notes) but he was so going through no matter what. I just hope he either whacks it out of the park or gets out quickly.

Lacey Brown: …who’s she again? Oh, the one who got beaten by Megan Caw-kry last year.

Ashley Rodriquez: Oh they totally just blew past her acceptance. Well, she was totally going in anyways, since she was a hot fave although I find her totally overrated.

Alex Lambert: I keep hearing his name throughout the audition process (I mean, it is kind of a memorable last name) but I can never remember any of his performances or how he actually sounds like Ok listened to his ‘I’m Yours’ and he’s…not that great. Very normal sounding, although he did do okay for that song.

Joe Munoz: I actually remember him from last night and, based on the five seconds they showed, he was pretty good. But, because I don’t remember them giving him any airtime at all before that, I totally thought he was just random filler (which I guess he still is). But I actually want him to get through, more than several of the faves so far.

Crystal Bowersox: She’s one of better meh ones to me, for now. She can play a billion instruments at once and her voice is pretty huge. One of the few I’m cheering on for reals.

Katie Stevens: She’s totally one of my faves so far. Not super outstanding but she does have one of the best voices I’ve heard this season so hoping she’s going to do better and better and go far. And she’s totally adorable too!

OH MAN, J.B.! URGH SAD. And Angela Martin too. Her original audition (well, this year’s one) was one of the best and most memorable ones from the first few episodes.

Lilly Scott: Hmm she has a pretty good voice (if a bit on the piercing side) but I’m just not a fan of her jazzy, folksy British alt-pop feel. Decent though, I guess, although I don’t think I’ll be rooting for her much (unless she really knocks it out with a song I like).

Paige Miles: WHO?!

Siobhan Magnus: Yes! My fave girl for now. Love her weird, kooky vibe and her huge voice. Hope she goes far.

Michelle Delamor: See: Paige Miles

Jermaine Sellers: Meh. He’s an okay singer but I’m just not a fan of the actual tone of his thin voice, nor his RnB stylings and delivery. Definitely not supporting him.

John Park: I thought his original audition (which is, if memory serves, the longest single performance we’ve heard from him) was just okay. He has a decent, if not very outstanding voice, and I think he’s just in for the good looking Asian dude spot and will probably go decently far. For now though, don’t think he has a chance of winning.

Haeley Vaughn: Please lor, I’d choose her any day over Tori Kelly (whose performance wasn’t anywhere near as great as she thought it was). And I think she’s actually one of the girls contributing to the supposed strong female presence this year (and why are they hyperboling this year’s batch to such high standards even though they’re kinda meh so far) so woo to that! Vocally she’s not perfect but still one of the best for now.

Andrew Garcia: Hello how is that even supposed to be anywhere suspenseful, comparing him to Thaddeus? Teddy might have had a decent last performance but Andrew’s like one of The Chosen Ones this year lor. Anyway, I much prefer him and his original interpretation of songs and that voice (which, having watched his old performances on Youtube, totally surprised me) totally put him at the front line.

Tim Urban: Totally didn’t see him getting through the show and, if I’m not wrong, he’s actually replacing someone who pulled out (whom I also don’t remember seeing) and I can hardly remember him. He’s just one of the normal guys, I guess. Very Jonas Brothers vibe (which I guess means he’s going to go far). Nothing much to crow about, though.

And so…the top 24 have been chosen:

My picks for the girls? Siobhan, Haeley, Katie, Crystal, Katelyn, Didi

And the guys? Andrew, Lee, Joe, Aaron and, because I ran out of options, Mike and John


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