Have a break, have a…

Much as I’d like to just laze around, do nothing much of note and post up random awesomeness for you all to read, sometimes, as an undergrad, I have to do this little thing called an ‘assignment’.

Over the next two weeks, I won’t be updating much (if at all) because all those weeks of procrastinating have finally caught up to me and I have two huge essays to churn out, as well as a test I have to ace pass, all within the next 11 days.

Still, though, do continue to check-in once in a while in case I slip up and post something. To leave you all for a while, here’s a little Yahoo! Answers fail that reminds us that, even when we I feel that we I’m not very smart and doomed to academic mediocrity, there’s always that someone who’s just stupider.


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