Quick respite.

Yay I finished my history essays! They might not be very well-written (one started out pretty well but then devolved into one of those that got progressively worse the more I tried to improve it) or be A-worthy but I’m just happy I finished ahead of schedule!

Haven’t been able to catch up with American Idol this week so there’s no recap although, from what I’ve read, I didn’t miss much. Many are saying that, based on the first round, this might be the worst top 24 in Idol history and that there wasn’t a single standout performance from both guys and girls. Even all the hot faves fell short. That’s sad.

In any case, before I go off for some sleep before continuing my fortnight from hell, here’s a picture that aptly expresses my feelings:

Yes. So stop giving me notifications. And stop sending me random not-real gifts (real ones are fine, though). And no, I do not have a gun to spare or I sure as hell am not going to offer you any help in your war.


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