Drama papa.

There was a bit of drama today when, high on successfully completing my history essays before schedule and also on lack of sleep, I found out that my SE1101E essay, which I thought was due next Friday during lecture, was actually due during tutorial on Monday at noon instead.

This was understandably a huge cause of concern for me as I haven’t even started on the paper yet. Heck, at that time I hadn’t even thought of my topic yet. And I wasn’t the only one. From the loud chatter that erupted in the lecture hall, not to mention the gasps of all my friends sitting near me, I’m guessing quite many people failed to see the fine print in our syllabus that said the essay was due during tutorial (after all, most other modules have us handing in assignments during lectures).

Thankfully, while I was panicking and asking friends for suggestions on topics, I received an email from my tutor, who moved the deadline for my tutorial class to Wednesday at 5.30pm. While still not Friday (and now it clashes with my revision for a stats test I have on Wednesday), this extension was much needed. I mean, 1.5k words is supposed to be ok for me (since those were the norm in Mass Comm) but this essay has one of those vague, weird questions that I don’t really know how to elaborate on and squeeze out content for and the extra time is much needed for me to find stuff to fill the quota.

So, whew, drama averted for now. Still have to go back to school on a Saturday to borrow books and study but at least it’s not so scarily stressful. And, to randomly segue to my totally unrelated Picture of the Post, here’s the truth behind Mario’s cheery disposition:


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