Taking a bite of the apple.

A few weeks ago, I decided that, instead of debating between getting an iPhone and a Blackberry, I’d get both (well, sorta).

Since I’d be able to get the BB Bold 9700 for really cheap, I decided to get an iPod Touch (32gb). After all, it has almost all the functionality of the iPhone but it’s way cheaper and has more storage space (even if I had gotten the iPhone, I could only have afforded the 16gb one, which wouldn’t have solved the problem of my current Nano running out of space).

This way, I not only have the best of both worlds, but I wouldn’t be putting all my eggs in one basket and then getting screwed when the battery runs low or something. The only thing is that the iTouch has no camera and hence no fun camera apps.

But anyway, I decided to get my hands on one after my fortnight from hell (with the two full essays and one crazy mod term test) as a sort of celebration. Unfortunately, while my papers went okay, the test was a huge mess I’m doomed to fail so the iPod became more of a comfort, self-consoling buy instead.

Whatever the case, I now have my iPod and am actually typing this on it (and trying to get used to the touchscreen so please pardon any typos). Have also spent a decent bomb on paid apps (on top of a whole slew of free ones) so it’s pretty much souped up (and I’m pretty much subsisting on bread and water for the rest of the month).

Now I just need a nice anti-fingerprint matt screen protector (the one I got with the purchase kinda sucks but it’s free so no complaints) and I’m all set. Woo!


One thought on “Taking a bite of the apple.

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