American Idol 9: Top 16 Girls review

Last week, I thought the girls improved from their disastrous first week and it actually felt like a real American Idol semifinals ep. Crystal and Siobhan were the clear standouts and Katie Stevens continued her downward spiral to bland obscurity. So, how did they do this week? Let’s find out!

Katie Stevens

Breakaway – Whoa, what was with the abrupt entrance?! Way to kill yourself by choosing a song that Kelly totally made her own (and what’s with the huge amount of Kelly covers this season? And none of them have even tried to make it their own or match up).  Started out really, really pitchy (which is so unlike her since, even when she was all bland and boring, her vocals were pretty solid) and, while it got slightly better, continued to be all over the place. Wow, this was pretty bad. The chorus entrances were really painful. What was up with her singing tonight? Definitely her worst performance so far. And you can tell the judges are blatantly trying to save her somehow but I think she might be in trouble tonight. D+

Siobhan Magnus

House of the Rising Sun – Wow she did an entire verse in acapella and it was totally on key! Controlled, smooth, emotional, with just the right amount of power in all the right places. Totally beautiful performance and one of my faves of the season so far. I guess the inexplicable Simon hate (she did do this song slightly different from the original and, considering the arrangement she did, I don’t think it really needs that much change) must be because he’s trying to get rid of Crystal’s competition. Sublime. A

Lacey Brown

The Story – Wow they’re really in a rush huh? Siobhan was still on stage and she started singing already. And wow, I was actually really impressed with her! I’ve never really bothered about her much but this week she was controlled, gentle and displayed some vocal chops I didn’t know she had at all. I think she really chose the right song this week and I actually didn’t sound boring at all. It sounds like it should be boring but somehow it just wasn’t. I’m not sure if she just lucked into the song, though, and that this is just a freak one-off. I hope not, for her sake. A-

Katelyn Epperly

I Feel The Earth Move – Hai, I like her so much but why would she choose this song? It’s a decent song but totally not meant for this competition because it’s just destined to be one of those boring, forgettable kinds of songs without many opportunities for “A-HA” moments. With that said, she did a decent, boppish rendition of the song and it was definitely not bad but totally forgettable (and, contrary to the motive, totally corny) for me. Totally agree with what all the judges said. B-

Didi Benami

Rhiannon – Wow I think the girls are doing pretty well tonight. I liked this performance a lot. Sure, it didn’t have a particular WHAM!BOOM! moment but some songs just don’t have to, y’know (I totally agree with Simon that the whole song was basically the wow moment). It was soft and beautiful and it was really great to listen to. I think her voice is awesomely pretty, as much as her. In fact, she kinda looked like Taylor Swift, only she sounded a billion times better. Definitely back in the game for me. A-

Paige Miles

Smile – Oi how come she’s so goat-ish? Her vibrato was all over like dear ol’ Carmen from season two. I actually thought she would rock this song but, while it wasn’t as horrific as Katie’s nightmare, her singing wasn’t actually that great. In fact, it was downright shaky (what’s up with the supposed strong singers going all wonky today?). Plus, the super boring arrangement totally didn’t help her at all. Definitely one of the misses of the night. And I totally agree with Simon about his peanuts analogy. C-

Crystal Bowersox

Give Me One Reason – I think this song, like Katelyn’s, is one of those songs that are sassy and fun but just aren’t that great for memorable one-off performances. Of course, being one of the most authentic performers this season, she brought it to a much higher level than I expected. Great singing, an edgy style and I love how she sat on the box or whatever that thing was. And I totally was going to say what Kara said, that this sounds like a song off her album. Still though, or maybe just because I’m not a fan of the song, I still found it a little boring and I much prefer last week’s one. But still one of the best of the night. B+

Lilly Scott

I Fall to Pieces – Wow this absolutely sounded like a cruise ship performance, with the mandolin and the Hawaiian hula vibe. This is the one performance where I totally disagree with the judges. While in previous weeks I didn’t like her song choices, I still felt that they were unique and had her flavour (just not one I personally prefer) and I can see why some people like her even if I didn’t. This week’s one just felt totally zzz for me. C

This week Katie totally fell off the chart for me. I don’t really care if she doesn’t make it to the top 12. Normally I don’t change my opinion of a singer just with one performance but that’s usually cause they just choose the wrong songs and underperformed. I’ve always thought Katie to be the power singer who just chose the wrong song and this week she showed that she’s actually not very good a singer at all. I mean, it’s hard to believe that she’s just having bad week because no good singer would sing anywhere near what she did even on a bad week and that, to me, takes away the one thing I thought she brought to the stage.

The rest of the girls were pretty decent though, with quite a few surprises and comebacks from last week. And, again, I mostly agreed with the judges. Inane or contradictory as some of their statements might seem, I totally understand what they mean and how it applies to some of the contestants and not others.

Since my predictions are usually never on and I don’t profess to even begin to understand the American voters, I’m just gonna say who I want in the top 12 from now on, not who I think will be in:

1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Siobhan Magnus
3. Didi Benami
4. Katelyn Epperly

Y’know, this week I can’t even choose six. The top girls were in usual form but some of the ones I used to like totally dropped while some of those I didn’t totally rocked it inexplicably so I guess I don’t really care who goes out tomorrow, as long as it’s not the four I have above.


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