American Idol 9: Top 12 announced.

Spoilers (duh) for those who haven’t watched the results show.


Guys: Alex Lambert, Todrick Hall
Girls: Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott

Wow, this was unexpected. The eliminations were the same for both guys and girls, for me – one of my faves went out along with one of the ones I wanted to get out. But, to me, they’re all unexpected though.

None of them really stood a chance of winning but I seriously thought that there were others who would go out first. Todrick and Lilly, despite my hate for them, did really well and Alex and Katelyn, although they had slightly ‘off’ performances this week, have always performed well in previous weeks and I thought their fanbases were solid. Proves how much I know.

So, now for the final 12. Here’s my ranking, in order of merit (although keep in mind I always change my mind. Could be different just a few hours later):

1. Siobhan Magnus
2 & 3. Lee Dewyze /Crystal Bowersox
4. Casey James
5. Michael Lynch
-Big gap-
6 & 7. Didi Benami /  Andrew Garcia
8. Aaron Kelly
9. Katie Stevens
10. Paige Miles
11. Lacey Brown
12. Tim Urban

To me, any of the top 5 (for now) could win and I’d be happy. The rest are just totally meh for me. I’m quite sure elimination won’t go this way though. For one, Tim definitely won’t be getting out next week. Oh well, as long as my top 5 stay for the long haul, I’ll be fine.


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