America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Episode 1

I finally got a chance to catch some ANTM after the bustle of the past few days (I passed my stats test! Woo!) and I’m actually pretty impressed with this season’s cycle’s girls. While I feel none of them really look all that stunning as yet, as a whole I thought their posing for photos were pretty impressive (lots of contorted angles) and their runway walks certainly looked much better than the girls from the last three cycles (who couldn’t walk for nuts).

While I don’t have any clear favourites yet (heck, as is always the case with a new cycle, I can’t even remember half the girls), I have to say that this batch of girls are a tad more memorable. Like most people, I would think, I think the two frontrunners for now are Naduah (who not only looks fierce and walks well, but also seems to be a genuinely nice person) and Gabrielle, who also walks well and seems pretty knowledgeable.

Other than that, there’s Raina, who looks like Denise Richards with exploded lips; Angelea, who is annoying as heck and not even very good to boot; Ren, whose last-minute addition to the show was totally random (I mean, were the other contestants so bad that they had to look for some girl who didn’t even audition to join the top 13?); and Alasia, who is totally insane but totally hilarious.

Still though, only time will tell who’s going to be really good. After all, most of the early faves never end up winning or even lasting all that long.


2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Episode 1

  1. yufen says:

    i love naduah! she’s drop dead gorgeous! and she doesn’t pass off to be bitchy at all? ahaha.

    i do agree that gabrielle seems serious for doing all the “homework” before coming for the competition. and she’s actually pretty edgy – i like.

    can’t stand angelea and the other chocolate girl apart from alasia. they’re nasty and they are the ones that screw up the competition. so much for going to a counsellor, angelea.

    • Gabriel says:

      Hahah yeah Naduah and Gabrielle are awesome. I just hope they don’t peak too early and fade away like a lot of the early faves from previous cycles.

      And yeah Angelea and Krista are annoying. And I don’t think either of them look good at all, man.

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