American Idol 9: First to go!

Boo for no group song! David Cook really showed why he won two seasons ago. I mean, there isn’t a single guy this year who can match his raw vocal power (much as I love Lee, he’s a pale shadow of him, for now).

Anyway, Spoiler alert!

Wow this week’s bottom three is exactly the same as mine from last week’s post! I’d have much preferred Tim to go out instead of Lacey though (and I suspect that this trip to the B3 is gonna force his fangirls into insane voting next week) but, oh well, Lacey was one of the weaker ones left anyway.

So my ranking now is a little different from last week, although the top few are mostly the same.

1. Siobhan Magnus
2 & 3. Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox
4. Didi Benami (she sings really beautiful songs so up she goes)
5 & 6. Michael Lynch & Casey James (both bored me last night so they’re dropping)
7. Katie Stevens (totally saved herself with this week’s performance, for me)
8. Paige Miles (ditto)
9. Aaron Kelly
10. Andrew Garcia (I still like him, though, and I hope he finally finds that one performance)
11. Tim Urban (the only actual one out of the top 11 whom I really don’t like at all)

Other than my top three though (who will remain that unless they tank), the middle rangers are all around there for me right now thus the order can change at any time, depending on the performance. Can’t wait to see what they do next week!


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