America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 – First two out.

I finally got to chance to watch last week’s episode of ANTM and, since it’s so outdated already, I shall just post my thoughts about the episode in point form.

-Haha so both my faves from last week got out in the same episode! Darn it. I’ve never had both my absolute favourites head out straightaway before. In fact, I’ve never disagreed with the first few eliminations on the show before.
-Unlike everybody, it seems, I actually liked Gabrielle’s photo. I thought her pose was awkwardly modelesque and had a sort-of fierce (as in, actual RAWGH! fierce, not Tyra-fierce) look about it. Definitely should not have gone out so early. She was just saved by the fact that Andre Leon Talley inexplicably likes Alasia.
-I kinda understood the judges’ reason for Naduah’s elimination but they stated it so lousily. I definitely don’t think she should have gone out so early though (especially over Ren, whom I think is totally terrible). And I don’t actually think she got the cocky edit. At least she wasn’t as in-your-face annoying about her experience as some girls from previous seasons.
-Alasia really IS insane. Her blow-up was so random, so fast and so hilarious. I think her photos aren’t great (although her walk during the pendulum runway was pretty good) but I’d love for her to stick around for the drama.
-Speaking of Alasia’s champion, Andre Leon is awesome. He’s funny, he has his own language and I love how all the other judges don’t really dare to say much to him.
-I’m actually quite impressed with the girls this cycle. Most of them can walk pretty well and several of the photos for the first two shoots were of a decent quality, which is rare at this stage of the competition.
-The challenges, too, seem a bit more interesting. The “runway” on the public street was totally cool and so was the pendulum walk, insane as it seems.
-I still can’t remember half the girls or their photos so I still can’t do a ranking thing but for now my faves are Raina and Jessica. One looks really beautiful (if her lips are totally scary) and has my favourite photo of the entire episode (see above) while the other is super cute.
-And, lastly, doesn’t Krista remind you of an ostrich? The long neck, the small-sized face, the cock-ish hair, the alert expression. It’s too bad I couldn’t find a decent shot of her to put here for comparison.


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