America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Top 11 (in points).

Hey hey! Whaddup y’all?!

-The random drama in the house? Random. Why the heck did Anslee and Brenda start quarreling so badly for? I don’t think either of them came out looking very good. They both just looked childish and catty.
-I love how Angelea is totally out of the drama now, even though she’s trying her darndest to start fights and what-not hahaha. It’s hilarious to fail to be the bitch.
-Ok how the heck did they manage to answer all those random questions on modeling on the bus (I totally thought the one about what models always need to have on hands was “breath mints” hahaha) but Brenda not know that Heidi is the host of GNTM? I mean, hello. Can guess, right? The other choices were so out of point.
-Still, though, I don’t think it’s fair for Anslee to peg all the blame on her (although she did flub a very easy question) for the group losing. I mean, she wasn’t the only one to get questions wrong right? I assumed they lost several in a row for the other group to catch up.
-And btw, Toccara? Insane. And high.
-My favourite shot of the week was probably Alexandra’s or Raina’s although I thought the overall standard was actually pretty high. Most of the girls turned out at least decent shots (including, shockingly, Angelea and Alasia)
-Speaking of Alasia, I have a feeling she just fluked into a good shot but just imagine if she starts to rock it every shoot and wins? That would be just hilarious.
-I also like how there are no clear standouts so far but the general standards have been pretty high and every week the photo orders change so drastically. I guess it means the girls aren’t that consistent but it could also mean that the competition is much closer this time around than usual.
-I’m pretty glad Ren’s out. I couldn’t really stand her whining and she takes hella’ ugly shots to me. Most entertaining photo of the week cycle though. “Raise your hands up in the air!”
-Next out would be, I hope, either Tatiana (who’s totally snooze and I never ever remember her) or Brenda (who I think looks kinda like a monster because of her super pasty complexion and weird slitty eyes).
-Still no personal ranking yet because the girls’ standards keep fluctuating but for now I’m rooting for Raina, Jessica (though I didn’t like her shot this week) and maybe Alexandra.


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Top 11 (in points).

  1. Yi Han says:

    Ren’s picture cracks me up! HAHAHAHA. I must say, I actually like Alaisia…I love her “heeeey girlfrieeeend” attitude.

    I think Raina should win this competition unless the producers want to get an OMG moment from us…which I have a feeling will happen.

    • Gabriel says:

      Haha actually I like Alasia too, although she’s totally insane. Her random outbursts were hilarious. And YES about Brenda! Gross.

  2. Yi Han says:

    I also think Brenda looks like Voldemort after he came back to life in Movie 4. Angelea in the latest photoshoot looks like Mr Bones (not too sure about the character’s name, but it is the skeleton) from Corpse Bride, decked out with the top hat and all.

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