America’s Next Top Model Top 10 First Impressions.

-Brenda? Stop whining about your hair. It looks way better now than compared to your boring, pretty-girl do’ from last time. In fact, stop whining. Period.
-I’m actually liking the challenges this year. They feel more epic but more realistic. I mean, having it live on Times Square is so cool lar, although I can’t believe they actually managed to get it broadcasted in front of “hundreds of thousands” of people. And a bit spoiler alert right?
-Ok, who the heck is Tatianna again? Since when was she on this show? The weird editing of that segment totally made it suspense-less on who won the challenge. They only showed three other critiques and none of them were good. Although Jessica’s “whew” eye-roll was the best moment of the entire challenge.
-Wow for once I actually thought Alasia wasn’t the one who provoked a fight. She was actually pretty diplomatic to Anslee and her random, spiteful snaps. They may both be crazy but at least Alasia’s the insane, hilarious crazy. Anslee is just annoying crazy.
-I instantly went from hating Krista to loving her for stopping the argument because she wanted to sleep.
-Ok a vampire theme is so cliche and overdone and it was super cheesy but I actually liked it, for some reason (even if the whole concept and execution, including the bathrub, was totally random). The blinding lenses totally made them way fiercer than normal, if totally creepy.
-I love how everyone basically just gave weird faces during their photoshoots yet somehow it turned out fierce. Their posing all looked pretty good during the shoot (although some turned out dud during judging).
-With so little girls left, I can finally do individual commenting!

Tatianna Wow this random girl who appeared from no way is doing well this week! Loved her photo. Her face was so…vampire-ish, like she came from a cover of an Anne Rice cover. B+

Jessica I liked it and her pose but I thought her face looked a bit Kathy Griffin but 20 years younger. I’m actually starting to think she looks a bit plain and too nice, kinda like she’s from 7th Heaven or some Hallmark family drama. Too girl-next-door and she’s not sassing it up. B-

Alasia I actually thought the photo was a bit overrated. She looked a bit hoochy and the pose was a bit vulgar to me. Still fierce, though, and way better than I expected. Looks like last week wasn’t a fluke. B+

Simone Eeek. I bet this definitely wasn’t her best shot lor. There were a few moments in her shoot that looked decent but this was definitely not one of them. Her pose was so flat and boring and awkward. C

Angelea I agree with the judges that she wasn’t wild and abandoned enough. She should have just let loose. I actually liked the leg but I didn’t think it was limp enough. It looked a bit stiff. B-

Krista Eeek to me this was even worse than Simone’s. She didn’t look like a vampire. She just looked dead. Like she got murdered by Lestat over there and just floated to the top of the blood pool. C-

Raina To me this was by far the most fashion photo of the week. Her pose was strong, the angles were just right and the tie-grabbing (and the huge hair) totally made it great. I didn’t really like her close-up though. The eyes looked a tad weird (other than, y’know, being totally white and all). Still, the rest of the face was fine and this was my favourite of the week (and not just because she’s my favourite). A-

Alexandra Not bad but not overwhelmingly good. She actually looked like she had pupils (or is it irises? Whatever. The black things) in her shot. Still, guess she’s redeeming herself from PendulumGate a few weeks’ back. B

Brenda This theme actually fit her a lot, since she kinda looks like a soul-sucked monster (and I mean that in a literal, AND figurative, sense) most of the time anyway. Still, kudos to her for working through the whine. It was a pretty decent shot and she posed pretty well. B+

Anslee I thought her face looked very statuesque, and not in a good way. She looked like she was cast in marble. And the pose was pretty safe. Not bad bad, but not great. C+

-While Simone to me isn’t the worst of the bunch, I don’t think anyone will be mourning her loss. She wouldn’t have won anyway. Anyway, here’re my rankings of the remaining girls (again, like AI, it’s cumulative, not just based on this week):

1. Raina (the most modelesque to me, and the most consistent so far)
2. Alexandra (surprisingly, she’s been stealthily rising for me but she still isn’t anywhere near winner material)
3. Jessica (getting boring)
4. Krista (much as I think she’s an ostrich in disguise, she actually has a spankin’ model figure and look)
5 & 6. Alasia (SHOCK! She’s actually not last. I can’t believe she’s actually proving to not be the lousiest hahaha) & Angelea (I’m actually starting to like her. She’s still trying to be crazy but failing, which is hilarious to me)
7. Tatianna (she did not bad this week but I still totally can’t remember her. Other than the fact that she thought Megan Fox was a supermodel)
8. & 9. Brenda and Anslee (I don’t care which goes out first. They’re both lousy models, totally plain looking [and in one case, slightly supernatural] and are annoying)


2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Top 10 First Impressions.

  1. Yi Han says:

    Anslee is just jealous of Alasia because she knows Alasia is going further than her (or I hope she does).

    I think Raina and Alasia are going to the final 3, and I got no clue as to who will join them…that is what I feel is gonna happen.

    • Gabriel says:

      Hhahaa actually I think Anslee is just skank. I feel embarrassed for her.

      I’m so hoping Raina will win. I have a feeling Angelea will go far cause she got the whole redemption arc going on hahaha.

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