Had my maiden salad making experience, based on Marcus’ list of ingredients for his very excellent salad. I made a few changes to it and left out several ingredients but I think the overall result was decent. Not great but edible. Used some baby Romaine lettuce, boiled chicken franks, cherry tomatoes and Caesar sauce and voila! (Totally forgot about adding the black pepper and Parmesan cheese grates I bought, though)

Had it with my dinner of sushi from Ichiban Sushi at IMM and a hot cup of green tea (a combo I called “Salashi”, to follow our favourite Miss Singapore World). Super filling and made me feel pretty healthy heh.

Oh, and cherry tomatoes are my new fave snack! I’ve always hated cherries and tomatoes and despised cherry tomatoes even more but I very suddenly developed a taste for it (just like how I suddenly switched from hating yu sheng to being obsessed over having it a few years back) and I can’t stop popping them now. It’s addictive.


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