American Idol 9 Top 9 Results

Spoilers, of course!

The Beatles’ medley was marginally less cheesy than previous weeks but the song transitions were random and jarring. And why are they still lip-synching? I miss the days of live medleys like in season two.

Jason Derülo was pretty surprising. He actually sang pretty well live, especially considering the amount of manic movements he made. I totally thought he would be a major auto-tuner. It’s random that he’s signed by Kara, though (and I didn’t even know she had a label).

Archuleta totally looks way older now. Still, Aaron Kelly, take note. That’s how you do a boy-wonder-with-the-angel-voice.

As for the actual results, wow, I really wasn’t expecting that. Guess Big Mike is even more under the radar than I thought! I totally thought a boy was going out tonight but I expected it to be Aaron, Andrew or Tim.

While the interwebz seem to be abuzz with people indignant about the judges’ save being wasted, I’m quite happy that they did it. Big Mike will probably not win this season but I still feel like he’s Ruben-but-better and he’s definitely one of the best singers out of the 9.

Still, I’m scared if Siobhan gets the lowest votes in the next few shows, since she won’t be able to get saved. (I’m assuming Lee and Crystal will be safe, no matter what).


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