America’s Next Top Model Top 9 First Impressions.

-WHAT WAS WITH JESSICA ON THE TRAM?! Insane hahaha. I thought she was joshin’ and going to be, like, “just kidding!” halfway through but she didn’t. I hope she doesn’t do that to every new person she meets.
-And wow, the challenge did sound difficult, what with the utter lack of direction and all. But, whoa, 6.5k worth of diamonds made it worth it, right!
-Boy, they’re really setting Anslee up for her eventual elimination, eh?
-From the editing, at least, they really made Jessica look like she went nuts during the shoot, eh? This is like Jessica’s Episode (especially with the -SPOILER!- first call-out later).
-Individual comments after the cut!


I quite liked this shot. The pose was nicely awkward, it looked fashion-y and, although her expression was a bit dreamy, I thought overall the effect was great, like something I could see in a mid-range fashion magazine (or catalog, at least) B+


[Even CW seems to hate her and doesn’t have her photo on the website. It’s sad.]

The wonky arm-on-the-hip was weird. It made the pose look amateurish. Still, though, her face was surprisingly strong, although I’m thinking that’s at least partly due to the hair and makeup. I mean, she didn’t look like her at all. She actually kinda looked like Anslee, if Anslee was, y’know, fierce. B


Eek this was bad. And I was starting to warm up to her too. The pose was weird, cliche and boring and just came off very not-editorial. Her expression (or what little we could see of it) was pretty fierce, though, but again, that could be due to the styling. C+


To me, she’s like the opposite of Alexandra. Her pose was decent (although not spectacular) but her expression was pretty meh. And the hand on the face is so, as the judges like to say, “Modelling 101”. I think the styling screwed her up too, and it just made her look cheap (and not even in the exaggerated way this shoot called for). B-


Much as I dislike her, I thought her photo this week wasn’t too bad. She mastered the broken-down, sian-diao look which I wouldn’t have thought modelesque at all but seems to be all the rage now (although hers lacks a certain energy, even for the soul-sucked pose). And her face was decent too, with the lighting at just the right angles to accentuate her bone structure. B+


Unlike the judges, I actually didn’t like this shot. I thought the arm with the dangling handbag wasn’t extreme or contorted enough (same with the rest of the pose, for that matter) and, while she did have the tude’ pout, I thought her eyes were kinda dead. It’s not even like nonchalance or anger, it’s just lifeless. And she wasn’t filling up the shot. C+


Loved it. She’s been losing it for me the past few weeks but she totally came back with this. The jumping, action pose (which had all the limbs in just the right angles), the blow-up doll face and the fact that the model in the photo is totally different from the one in the panel (although both are great, to me) just make it work. It’s not BOOMZ crazy good (there’s just that little something lacking) but definitely one of the best of the week. A-


Wow she really looks like a model in panel, doesn’t she. I thought the photo was very decent, if not particularly outstanding. The body could have been a bit more contorted and extreme and the expression was a bit of a miss for me. The overall effect but just the lower lip pout was a bit too much (and too far out from the upper lip) and it came off a bit amateur. Still, the shot looked like it could be in a fashion magazine (just not centrespread). B


Wow, this is the first Alasia shot that I really like (and of course, it has to be the one she doesn’t get called first for). It’s a bit too low-range outlet mall catalog but hey, that’s modelling too. The pose was pretty good, as was the heel kick. I do agree with Nigel about the eyes though. If she had just whipped it up it would have been way better. B+

Definitely agree with Jessica’s first call out, although I feel that this week was a bit underwhelming in general. I disagreed with the judges on several of the photos, but that’s probably why I’m nowhere near the fashion industry. Or maybe I just have weird tastes.

This week’s eliminatee? Can’t be bothered. Wasn’t the worst but definitely wouldn’t have won anyway. Who’s she, again?

In any case, here’s my ranking of the final eight:

1. Raina – Had an off-week but even her mediocre photo wasn’t all that bad
2. Jessica – I’m hoping that this week is not a fluke and that she’s gonna start improving every week
3. Krista – To me, she’s more and more of a model, and she’s not annoying anymore!
4. Alasia – I’m quite surprised she’s so high but she has been getting better week by week
5. Alexandra – She looks like one of those girls who just doesn’t have the raw talent for modelling
6. Angelea – I’m still not liking what I see. And I still think she’s kinda ugly.
7. Anslee – Still really mediocre and still really annoying.
8. Brenda – By far the lousiest, to me, and she needs to go. Now.


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