Roly-poly takes on Whitney.

This has been swiftly going around the interwebz these few days but, just in case you’ve been internet deprived and haven’t had a chance to see a round Taiwanese dude tackle a Whitney/Dolly classic admirably on a Taiwanese singing competition or you just like those un-pop-star-looking underdogs who randomly have voices of angels (e.g. Susan Boyle), have a look:

I first saw this several days ago and, when the song first started (I wasn’t looking at the screen), I really thought it was a girl singing. It’s even more jaw-dropping than Nick Pitera’s (who’s the king of weird, feminine sounding covers) version.

Eat your heart out, SuBo.

ps. I have a friend who insists this is actually his twin from back when he was fat (which was years ago and he has since become all skeletal and manorexic) because this dude is creepily the same age as the both of us (and really does look like him back then) and also that he used to be able to sing something like that (he was an alto in choir) but lost the voice at the same time he lost that weight. So maybe this is where all that weight (and voice) disappeared to heh. Well, he (my friend) would throw a huge fuss if I posted up his 2001 photo for comparison so perhaps this is a mystery that would never be solved.


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