Pokémon: Old Schooled.

I hate it whenever I hear all those Pokémon purists go like “Oh, original 151 ftw, the rest all suck!” or “they should have just stopped making more” without good reason. A lot of them haven’t even tried to play the newer games or they don’t like the new features because it’s different from the old ones and they’re sticking with the old games for nostalgic value.

Now, I’m all for nostalgia and I love the original games (and the original 151) as much as anybody and those games bring back fond memories of my teenage years but that doesn’t mean newer games can’t be good (or better). I mean, if they had specific reasons as to why the new games are lousy, then I’m totally fine with that. But a lot of people haven’t even bothered to give them a try before proclaiming judgment.

If you ask me, the newer games have added better and better features each generation that have made the game more complete and to label them as unnecessary or lousy just because they’re not exactly the same as the original or because of nostalgic value is not only silly, but reeks of embarrassing myopia. Just because the original was the one you had most experience with doesn’t make the newer ones lousy automatically.

(It’s just like for Power Rangers. Everyone I know is like “ew, the new seasons all suck” or “the original five are the best”. Again, while I’m a fan of the original series, I do think that there have been several subsequent series that have been better not only in terms of visuals, but storylines, action sequencing or even acting. If you go back and watch the original, it actually isn’t even all that good.

Still, a lot of people just condemn the newer series without watching them just because the original series was the one they first knew and the newer series are different. If you say they suck because the shows themselves are bad, that’s fine. If you say they suck just because they’re different from the original, that’s just a big no-no.)

So, my point is, love on the originals, but don’t hate on the newer ones just because of that.

Anyway, if you’re still reading my super long fanboy geeky rant, I applaud you for bearing with me.

As a reward, here’s a funny song written for the Pokémon purists who like the original 151, using music from the game itself (which is pretty cool). Hey, just because I’m not fond of purists doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a well-written, cool video poking fun at the newer games. The lyrics are pretty funny and they do actually bring out some of the bad points about the newer games (although not any of the good points) instead of just hating on them. Still, though, I’d treat it more as waxing lyrical about all that was good about the old games, instead of bashing the new ones.


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