Glee: Hell-O First Impressions

So after the really long wait, Glee’s back! How’d it go? (You’re just gonna get random points from me today because I’m on a break between my studies so I don’t have much time)

-I think the concept of all songs that have “Hello” in the title is kinda cute but the reason for it in the show…didn’t really make any sense. At all.
-Wow, the segue to Finn’s Doors song was so awkward and forced. It’s like they put in that random scene for no reason other than to intro into the song and it didn’t make much sense too.
-The whole show felt a bit like fan-service and it didn’t really move much. I mean, the pacing was so abrupt. Finn’s breakup with Rachel? Will’s (super jerk-ish) makeout with Idina? Zoom zoom zoom.
-And Idina totally looks like Lea Michele’s mum. They totally should have cast her as Rachel Sr.
-And whoa, they made all the guys look like jerks, what with Finn thinking he can just saunter back into Rachel’s open arms and Will grabbing just about every female in sight.
-Despite the odd progressions, though, there were some great moments, mostly from the dialogue. There were quite a few hilarious quips (mostly from my favourite Brittany Britney Brit) and some snazzy exchanges (although even those were fewer than usual). “Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?”
-I can’t believe Finn thought of the suspicious nature of Jesse’s coming on to Rachel so fast. Finn. The male version of Brit.

Anyways, songs! (Grades are for the recordings themselves, but factoring in the scenes in the show)

Hello, I Love You (original: The Doors): I’m not really a fan of this song and, like I mentioned above, it just seemed really awkward in the show, not to mention random. Still, I thought Cory Monteith did a decent job here and the vocoded voice actually worked here because that’s the way the song is. B-

Gives You Hell (original: All-American Rejects): I thought the starting was a bit off because Lea was belting the hell out of every note, which didn’t fit with the song’s vibe (although I guess she’s supposed to be angsty and angry) but once the rest came in, I liked it. It was (although not intended for the scene, probably) fun, catchy and I was bobbing my head along with it. B

Hello: When I first heard the mp3, I totally thought that was Finn. And then I thought it was Artie (since the timbre is a bit thicker than Monteith’s autotuned-to-death-voice). And then, I just got confused. So apparently it’s just cause it’s the new guy. Still, I thought the performance was just wonderful. It looked slightly cheesy on screen but just listening to the mp3 alone is sublime. It’s soft, controlled and soulful, from both. A-

Highway to Hell: Ahh, so this was Jesse too. I totally couldn’t tell who this was from the mp3. Wow, he got a lot of songs, eh? The performance in the actual scene was a bit over-the-top, campy and totally Glambert-ish but the recording is pretty good. Funky, sassy, with a surprisingly adequate amount of vocal grit and edge. B+

Hello/Goodbye: Loved this from the moment I heard it. From Cory’s abrupt entry, to Lea’s harmony to the rest of cast’s backups, to the pretty high production value of the song, to the arrangement and instrumental. I loved everything. And (SACRILEGE!) I actually preferred this version to the Beatles’ original. The beat is stronger and it has a catchier, more pop-rock feel (the original felt a bit languid and like they were all stoned, to me. And have you seen the music video? Totally weird). Instant addition to my “Best Of” playlist. A

So overall, I was a bit disappointed with this episode, especially since it’s supposed to be the comeback ep after a long break. Even by the normal standards (and counting the fact that I’m a Gleek), this episode was a bit of a letdown. While there were some decent moments and the music was pretty great, most of the show just felt disjointed and shoved together. Hopefully, though, it’ll get better in the weeks to come.

Final score: B-

Next week: Songs of Madonna!


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