America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Top 8 First Impressions.

In this episode, styling, the Subway, and lots of unclassy behaviour…

-How are Anslee, Krista, Angelea and Alasia in one group? Haven’t they been the ones doing most of the fighting? Guess it’s in-fighting or something, then. And pfft, they’re not the independent ones. They’re the ones too loud and annoying to make friends with others.
-Ok fine, they’re all kinda annoying and weird in this ep (like, all of them, except for Alexandra, who’s the new Tatania i.e. who?!) but Angelea did kinda stir things up for no reason, though. (Although Brenda is a heck of an annoyer, too, so yeah, they’re all annoying)
-And dear Angelea, you don’t look/sound “uneducated” (although Brenda was totally inappropriate saying that) because of the way you speak; it’s because of what you speak. And the way you act, girl.
-I’m do starting to like Alasia, though (her challenge was kinda adorable). She just sounds like a normal girl, except when she goes crazy for absolutely no reason, which is just totally entertaining.
-Jay totally looked like a creepy vampire looming in the dark while talking to them but whoa at the legit-ish challenge.
-Whoa, how did they manage to book the subway for such a long time?


Ok I’m not sure how that’s “East-Village Rockabilly” (or even what that actually is) but I liked this photo a lot. She looked poised, there was strength in her pose (especially considering it was on a moving train) and her face was model-fierce. I’m usually against overdoing her lips in makeup but I thought it actually worked here. It’s very 90s cosmetics ad. And the styling was really good too, with the pouf hair. I didn’t see the loss of neck, too. Her neck looked fine and long to me. A-


I like the expression and she does look really good but I think they went a bit overboard with the touching up on the face. She has this artificial, mannequin-like sheen and her eyes look like (literal) doll eyes. And that arm! So scary! I mean, I have scrawny arms but mine’s like twice of hers in that shot. Still a decent shot, though. B


Whoa, almost-wardrobe-malfunction! She kinda looks like Miley here, what with the hair like that, the styling and the faux-punk gloves. Maybe like one of the girls from the O.C. Gossip Girl (I’m not that ancient!). I actually do like her expression. It’s a bit pensive, a bit apprehensive but there’s something there, like true emotion. At least it’s not a blank. And I thought the actual pose was pretty decent. Still, not very special (although the hair was fierce). And her insistence that her shoes were nice was kinda off-putting. B


I’m sorry but she really looks kinda weird here, like Frankenstein’s (pretty) monster. And she so doesn’t look like a student. I don’t have much to say about the photo, actually. The pose isn’t bad but it’s really nondescript and it’s just one of those filler shots no one cares about. C


Whoa, the hair makes her look so much older! And what kind of styling is that for a “Model going on go-see”?! She looks like some random girl they just plucked off the street (although apparently the girls they do pluck are like Ren so maybe their part of town is just different or something). I do like her face, though, for some reason. I thought she actually looked like she had a thought, with that “ooo, what do we have here?” kind of smirk. B


This is totally my favourite photo of the week! Although I thought Raina’s was the most fashion-ish, Anslee’s was very Seventeen/Covergirl (which, after all, are some of the prizes) and the styling just worked wonders in this case. Plus, her pose was sassy and that smirk on the face was, for once, not off-putting but actually gave her a bit of an attitude and character. Definitely her best shot. She does look a bit mumsy but I put that more on the weird clothes. A


I have no idea what an “Uppa East Sida'” is neither but she just kinda looks like a sailor (or a sailor cosplayer). I thought this was actually one of her better shots so far. She actually had some expression, her pose was great and she looked very model-ish for once, with that hair complementing her face perfectly. B+


Ew, massively overrated! I thought the styling not only made her look boring, but also kinda like she’s in drag. Plus, although the eyes were pretty focused, I didn’t like the lips area. She looks like she was pursing her lips, or biting on some skin or chewy something in her front teeth or something. Like she’s trying to dig out some plaque stuck somewhere. And the pose wasn’t very remarkable neither. One of her worst shots to me and totally undeserving of first callout. C

So you might think from looking at my rankings every week that I’m totally biased because I’m always giving Raina high scores and Angelea and others I don’t like low scores. I’m totally not, though. I’m just telling it like I feel it is. I mean, I gave freakin’ Anslee best photo this week even though I can’t stand her (although she was suspiciously quiet this week).

Ok so I think this episode made everyone come off looking pretty bad, although that’s probably just choice editing. And urgh at Brenda dissing Angelea in her farewell speech. I’m not a fan of Angelea but that’s low, girl!

Rankings of the final seven:
1. Raina – to me still by far the most “Model” out of all the girls. The shit-talking about Alasia in the confessional was kinda evil but she still seems one of the more normal (if slightly fake, now) girls in the house.
2. Jessica – so her snooty thing is kind of irritating but I still think she takes good photos and can pose well. Might drop, though, if she continues being so irksome.
3. Krista – she looks like a potentially really good model, although so far she hasn’t been that outstanding. Plus, she was kinda quiet this week. Hoping she’ll turn it out soon.
4. Alasia – this week’s photo was meh but I’m actually starting to like her as a character. Plus, I’m finally starting to see her prettiness (although she still looks like Bre cycle 5) and I’m hoping she starts to, y’know, know how to model.
5. Alexandra – decent but I can’t remember her at all. And she’s totally not going to win anyway.
6. Anslee – great photo from her this week and she was surprisingly quiet but I’m still not a fan of hers. If she improves, though, she might move up the ranking.
7. Angelea – sorry I know some of my readers love her but I find her annoying (she finally got her wish to be the resident unreasonable crazy this ep) and I don’t think she looks good enough to be a model. And her photos are vastly overrated.


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