Drama mama, Apple iPhone.

There’s been a lot of drama over the past few days over an alleged leak of an iPhone 4G prototype that was left in a bar by a (soon-to-be-ex?) employee of Apple and that has been making its rounds on the internet. Gizmodo posted the supposed full story of how the phone got lost (even including details and photos of the dude who lost the phone) and has also done a list of the new features they could see.

While I still don’t know enough (haven’t had time to read up on all the drama) to state any opinion on whether this is really the new phone from Apple (although indications seem to point to an affirmative), on whether it was all just a major free (orchestrated) publicity stunt by Apple, or on whether it was ethical for Gizmodo to publish the dude’s full details and kick him when he’s (and if he’s really) down, I am terribly excited about the actual product.

To me, it looks aesthetically much better. It’s slightly flatter (with a super flat back), the fingerprint-prone areas (which I hate the most) have apparently been replaced by aluminum borders and matt finishings (which is awesome and looks way more professional) and the features look pretty exciting too! Front-facing camera, a more powerful back camera and an improved, higher-res display all sound pretty great.

And, if it follows convention and comes out selling at the price of the current iPhone 3GS (the latter of which would be lowered, then), I’m so gonna get it the first chance I can (i.e. when I can leave my current phone plan without much penalty).

The only thing I’m worried about is the micro-sim card required. I’m not sure if that’s going to delay its arrival in Singapore (since our telcos appear to be slow adapters, at times) and it would definitely restrict the owner to only being able to use it on an iPhone (can’t even switch to another phone during emergencies).

Still, it looks attractive enough and, after using my iPod Touch for a few weeks, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love the iPhone, touch screen typing (and unbelievable amounts of typos) be damned!


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