Epic nervous breakdown from mum.

Intentional viral marketing video this might be (and I’m not sure how authentic the breakdown really is), but this is all manners of insane. This dude, who’s selling this drink, stocked his entire house with it (replacing all her china and stuff) and when his mum came back, she flipped. To put it mildly.

It’s a total overreaction from her and it’s totally hilarious. Worth the risk if it’s real because this is going viral all over. Thanks to Joseph for the recommendation!

2 thoughts on “Epic nervous breakdown from mum.

  1. Yu Fen says:

    omg, this is insane! the mother literally screeched at everything she was saying…or screaming for that matter. and the most interesting part is both the husband and the sun doesnt seem shocked at her insane response! AHAHAHA.
    it’s almost as if she speaks like that normally. LOL.

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