No reality TV for me, just reality.

So, as you may or may not know, I have entered my exam revision mode for my finals, the first of which is this Saturday and the last of which only ends on 4th May. Thus, I will not be able to do long, rambling posts about American Idol and America’s Next Top model for the next two weeks.

While this is probably good news for those of you sick of my never-ending posts about them, I do know there’re, like, one or two people who actually read my impressions and I hope you don’t get chased away by the lack of posts!

With that said, if I do happen to watch the shows (highly unlikely I’ll find the time, since I’m hysterically behind in my study schedule), I’d maybe do a short blurb about it. Nothing like what I’d usually do, though.

Also, any kind of blog entry will be rare over the next two weeks, although I do have a few I’ve prepared over the past few weeks that I’ll be spacing out to post over the next few days.

In any case, wish me luck for my papers and I’ll be back to regular posting soon!


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