Four-chord songs!

Long ago (ok, last August), I did a post on some cool Youtube covers I saw, one of which was a medley of songs (including several Avrils) that utilised a same set of chords.

Now, thanks to faithful reader Yi Han (or at least I think he’s a faithful reader, *ahemhebetterbeahem*), here’re two more videos featuring medleys of songs with a same set of chords:

This one is supposedly the original version and the dude takes a while to actually get to the songs but he’s pretty funny and wry about it so it’s all cool. The next one, though, is the awesomest one yet.

That’s a lot of songs mashed into the medley and the dudes are pretty funny too (not to mention decent singers)! So gonna learn those four chords and play them soon.


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