American Idol 9 Top 5 First Impressions.

After two weeks of no reviews, I’m back! Just in time for what promises to be a snooze-fest of an episode, it seems. I mean, seriously, songs of centuries past Sinatra? Could there be any less contemporary theme (which the judges always knock the contestants for choosing)?

So last week, Siobhan left! Alas, while she definitely wasn’t my bottom (how why is Aaron still there?), she has been deproving and stagnating consistently in the past few weeks. Definitely shouldn’t have left so early but I don’t think it was as big of a shocking ouster or robbery as everyone made it out to be.

This week, how did the remaining five do? Were they as boring as I everyone expected?

Aaron KellyFly Me to the Moon – This theme would be right up his alley, no? Antiquated style and probably some of the most overdone song choices in the history of Idol. Ok, firstly, what’s up with the +10yrs hairdo? And secondly, this was just about exactly how I imagined Aaron would do. It was smoozy (with that false, rehearsed swagger he always forces out) and his vocals were decent but still overrated. A decent performance but nothing overwhelming nor memorable. B-

Casey JamesBlue Skies – Wow this is the worst I’ve ever heard him vocally. He went flat several time, he couldn’t seem to find his vocal groove and his voice was overwhelmed by the music and the song itself at several moments. I just don’t think his voice is big enough nor meant to be doing songs like these. It felt laboured, he looked and sounded lost and he didn’t seem like he was trying at all. I did notice the long, big notes though but they weren’t spectacular enough to save the song. C

Crystal BowersoxSummer Wind – This week she switched from country-rock to Diana Krall. The vocals were pretty spotless as usual, although I thought at parts she was in danger of being drowned out by the music too. I actually thought it was a departure from her usual style (which ironically made it more interesting on this boring week) but I thought she looked a bit naked on stage without some instrument. Her arms didn’t seem to know what to do. Not necessarily memorable but surprisingly better than the two before her. B

Michael LyncheJust The Way You Look Tonight – I’m not sure if it’s because I just like this song but I felt this was the best performance up to that point in the episode. I’m not sure why everything is hating so much on Big Mike or complaining about the save being wasted on him because he undoubtedly is the best technical male singer left and I do like his on-stage swagger, although the off-stage cockiness is a little off-putting. I thought the arrangement was a bit odd sounding in the middle but it picked up at the end and sounded great. B+

Lee DeWyzeThat’s Life – I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. Lee’s voice and vocal styling is so distinct that he could either have floundered and sounded lost and discordant with the band or totally made it his own and came out with something original sounding. He surprisingly kept to the original style way more than I expected him to and at moments I thought he seemed a bit out of step with the instrumentation (a problem the other contestants had too) but he displayed a surprisingly high amount of Rat Pack swagger and I thought he pushed himself vocally at the end more than he has so far this competition. Not as great as the judges made it out to be, I feel, but definitely best of the night. B+

Harry Connick seems totally cool and hilarious (if slightly overbearing) in real life. That dig at Shania was just LOL.

Why are the contestants doing only one song each? I mean, it’s not like I wanted more of that sleeping aid we just witnessed but usually at this stage contestants start to ramp up the number of songs because there are so few of em’ left. I mean, this episode was like literally 10 minutes of music and half an hour of padding?! Pfft.

Well, out of this five I definitely think Aaron should be headed home. Casey might be in danger, though, after that terrible performance but hopefully he stays over Aaron because he’s been consistently better. Crystal is starting her downward spiral (as Siobhan did) but hopefully she gets her groove back. She might be in danger tomorrow though. Lee is so going to final two, at least.

My ranking order now would:
1. Lee
2. Big Mike
3. Crystal
4. Casey
5. Aaron

Still, who knows what might happen tomorrow. Anyway, Lady Gaga!


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