Pokémon Black & White starters.

With the impending release of Pokémon Black and White at the end of the year, spoilers and information about the games have been coming out, most recently the silhouettes of the three new starters:

So, apparently, the fire starter is gonna be an anorexic Charmander, the grass starter is the illegitimate child of a Chikorita and a Spoink, and the water starter is what appears to be a Jigglypuff sitting atop a Buizel.

Creative, Game Freak, creative. I just hope they turn out better than what the silhouettes seem to promise.


One thought on “Pokémon Black & White starters.

  1. Justin says:

    lol “Jigglypuff sitting atop a Buizel” XD The silhouettes appear to be really elementary. >.< I hope the real ones will look better and more powerful! 😀

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