America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Top 5 First Impressions

-The editing’s all weird and abrupt this week. Why are Krista and Angelea so suddenly fighting against each other when they were super chummy last week?
-Krista is right about Angelea. She dares to dish it and be all arrogant but she can’t take it herself. Her club sequence from last week is still my favourite moment of the cycle though.
-Alex is kinda annoying. It’s like she randomly popped out with improved photos (although I feel they were vastly overrated) and she went from this self-conscious emo when she wasn’t doing well (which was very awwww-inducing) to this uppity, overconfident annoyer. Urgh.
-I still don’t get the random Raina hate. I mean, she has her bad moments but, at least from the editing, I’d put her as the mildest girl left in the top 5 (a spot Alex used to take till she became Krista’s lackey).
-Wow, Krista is really bagging all the prizes, ain’t she? She’s really on a roll, but I do like her so I’m pretty happy with that. She’s in my top two with Raina. For now.
-Yeah, what Alexandra wore for judging? Not good. Made her look huge. This is the first time she remotely looked plus-sized.


Ok this is by far her best shot (way better than the sheep one). The framing of the shot was just right, her eyes are emoting for once and she finally looks like a model in this one. Still, though, she could have done something a tad more extreme with her expression and pose. I feel like she’s just lazing around and not doing much and pretty just happened to click into this shot that works without doing much. But based on the picture alone this definitely was great. It’s actually my fave of the week. And yeah, the tablecloth pattern was totally amazing on her, like henna. A

Raina (can’t find a photo for hers!)

Despite her lackadaisical shoot performance, I actually like this shot a lot. It’s true that her eyes can’t really be seen but in this case it actually fits in with the whole harder, edgier, angry look that she’s giving. It’s, like Tyra said, a huge change from her normal elegant, poised shots but this darker, harsher feel works great for her too. Definitely an interesting shot and very cool. A-

Angelea (can’t find a photo for hers too!)

Again, I’m not getting the Angelea love (although it isn’t as effusive this episode). I mean, it’s not a bad shot per se, but to me there’s nothing much going on. In all her shots (including this one), I feel she’s just not doing very much in terms of pose or face. She’s just being still and not giving much emotion on her face and the usual fierceness of her expression is actually just due to the fact that she is naturally fierce-looking to start with. Definitely still not on Team Angelea and I feel like this shot is just meh. And she looked kinda stiff and awkward as well. B-


I actually like this shot! She definitely shouldn’t have gone after this one. I thought the styling made her look very tribal Princess and there was an intensity in her glare that she usually doesn’t display. Plus, while her profile made her less pretty, I feel it actually made her more modelesque, with the Raina lips and the slightly off face shape. Overall, I thought that this photo was actually pretty intense and would make a great ad. B+


Magazine-worthy shot. The angle she tilted her head was just perfect to catch the light in the most flattering way and, again, the shadow design worked very well (although I feel there’s something lacking in the shot, but I can’t figure out what). There’s nothing much to say about her, other than that she’s continuing her breakthrough that started a few weeks back and brought her to the standards of the greats from previous cycles. Definitely top two worthy and, for now, by far the most deserving of the title out of the four left. A-

So this cycle I’ve been feeling totally different from the judges (and my friends) and this week has been no exception. I actually thought that Alex deserved first call out (see? I don’t play favourites), although Krista’s was pretty good (her shot last week was still better though). I just feel that Alex’s looks like something that was pulled out of a magazine whereas Krista’s looks like an actual photo (could just be the texturing and photo editing though).

I don’t feel that Jessica should have gone home so early, although she has definitely been dropping in quality in the last few shoots. I’d have put her at third out of the five girls, with Angelea (who is so loved I didn’t expect her to leave anyway) and Alexandra (who’s been improving but whose improvement is basically from bad to meh to randomly good this week) behind her. Still, at least my two faves are left.

So, next week…season finale?!? That’s fast! Last cycle they did a top two season finale after eliminating two the previous week right? Anyway, my top two are definitely Raina and Krista. I’m really hoping Raina brings it (because she’s not been performing to potential and expectations for a while) but I’m fine with Krista winning too. Just not the other two.


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