Glee: Bad Reputation First Impressions.

And…I’m back with the Glee recaps! I haven’t had the chance to do the last two weeks due to exams but I don’t really have an excuse for writing this most recent one so many days after the airing other than pure laziness so sorry about that!

-What has the G-list got to do with the club themselves? I mean, who’s to say they’re responsible for it (although of course, one of them was)? If everyone hates them, couldn’t it just have been someone else?
-Glee? Should stop with the rapping songs. Stick to the ballads and pop hits, please!
-With such a promiscuous sub-theme, the best thread for the songs they could come up with was “Songs that need to be rehabilitated”? Why couldn’t it just have been “Songs of promiscuity” or something more exciting? Rachel could have rocked some Nelly Furtado.
-The Emma vs. Will showdown (well, more like Emma pwns Will showdown) was immensely satisfying, if only because she didn’t back down or chicken out and also because Will is the worst person ever.
-The over-the-top Olivia Newton-John self-promotion was pretty hilarious haha. And while we’re on that, getting a famous artist to license his/her songs for the show is one thing, but to get them to appear on the show itself? Well done, Glee production team.
-And wow, Jane Lynch is good. She somehow managed to make the potentially cheesy scenes with the sister somehow more human and realistic than it had any right to be.
-What? Will managed to just end the whole debacle by…not actually showing any results of his “investigation”?
-Is Rachel supposed to be the new Will?

Songs of the week:

Ice Ice Baby (original: Vanilla Ice) and U Can’t Touch This (original: MC Hammer): I’m just gonna lump these two two together because they were both equal amounts of horrifying. They really should stop with the rapping songs because all the covers done so far have been pretty un-“legit” and un-“hardcore”. The second gets a slight thumbs up from the first for having immensely ridiculous 80s outfits though. C

Physical (original: Olivia Newton-John): Again, I can’t believe they actually manged to get ONJ to do this on the show and I didn’t expect Jane Lynch to get another performance so soon after ‘Vogue’ but this was pretty awesome. It was sassy and cheesy, just the way the original song was. Pretty cool. B

Run Joey Run (original: David Geddes): Ok I’m not familiar with this song and so I have no idea why it supposedly has a bad rep but I actually quite like it. It’s dramatic without being too theatrical or Broadway-ish and, while I totally couldn’t tell that three different guys sang on it (when I heard the studio mp3, I totally thought it was Jesse all the way), it was pretty interesting to watch, especially with the random music video (and why is Rachel the only one with a song to show for the project anyway?) B+

Total Eclipse of the Heart (original: Bonnie Tyler): How does this song have a bad rep?! Doesn’t everyone love it? The only remote possibility I can think of would be the spoof but even that’s just totally awesome anyway (and I just wanted to post a link to it once again). Anyway, this song was performed exactly as how I would have expected Rachel and Jesse to perform, although I have to give them kudos for the ballet scene. Assuming they’re not trained in it (a fact which I’m too lazy to research), they were pretty impressive looking. B+


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