Glee: Laryngitis First Impressions.

In this episode, Rachel gets laryngitis (or tonsillitis or some other throat-damaging ailment), forcing her to reevaluate…something or other that I couldn’t be bothered paying to; Puck, having shaven his mohawk, decides to hook up with Mercedes because she’s randomly popular now that she’s in the Cheerios and he needs a crutch, which does not appear Mercedes to Santana; Kurt, in an attempt to be someone he thinks his father would like, becomes Finn 2.0 and attempts to make out with Brittany; and the theme is “songs that express yourself”.

-Y’know, I don’t actually think Puck looks all that different without the mohawk. Yeah, it was kinda his thing and a defining feature of his look but I guess it actually exposed most of his head anyways so it’s not all that drastic to me. Like, overreacting much? And how did losing his hair make him dumpster-throwable?
-And how does he not remember Mercedes’ name? Haven’t they been in the club together for super long? Assuming, y’know, that regionals are really that far away and not that the show’s gone all 24 and that every episode is really only one day at McKinley High or something.
-Hello, Rachel’s “The Climb”  is not how someone who has lost her voice sounds? They lose volume and, while they do get pitchy here and there, they don’t change every single note of a song! Or not realise that they’re so off-pitch when they used to be pitch-perfect.
-Ok, this week’s theme, cheesy as it might seem, actually makes sense (well, at least more sense than some of the previous weeks). Plus, it sure offered the kids way more choices than having to find a song with “Hello” (or minus the O, if need be, apparently) in the title. Of course, this is when everyone decides to find songs that are not who they are.
-Why is Rachel eating cereal when she has a bad throat? Isn’t that going to exacerbate the problem?
-The random pairings (Puck and Mercedes, Kurt and Brittany)? Random.
-Awkward as the setting usually is, I always enjoy the scenes between Kurt and his dad because Mike O’ Malley is just about the best actor the show has ever had. Watching him years ago on “Yes, Dear”, I had no idea he could emote like that.

Songs of the week:

Jesse’s Girl (original: Rick Springfield) – Wow they actually managed to find a song that fits totally into the plotline without having to force the whole scene to awkwardly revolve around it! And I have to say that Cory Monteith actually sounds pretty good here, with just the right amount of vocal oomph and pizazz and the song fits his range pretty perfectly. The context of him singing it directly to Rachel is kinda creepy but the song itself was pretty well done. A-

The Lady is a Tramp (original: musical Babes in Arms) – Did not expect Puck to do this. Couldn’t he find a black singer’s song that fits his genre and style? It’s so weird to see a supposed bad-boy (or as Mercedes deadpanned, a “Top 40s”) get all smooth and jazzyfied. And Mark Salling displayed more vocal power here than I thought he actually had so it was actually pretty impressive, not to mention Amber Riley knocking it out of the park when she came in. Jazz is not my cuppa tea but I thought this was pretty sleek. B

The Boy is Mine (original: Brandy and Monica) – Whoa Santana gets (half) a solo! And she’s not half bad! Actually she’s really pretty good, probably better than most the guys. I would not have predicted these two doing this faceoff song though. Of all people, Santana and Mercedes? That’s random. Still, it was pretty sassy, even though the arrangement is kinda snoozy (similar the original, I guess, which I thought was snoozy too). B

Rose’s Turn (original: musical Gypsy: A Musical Fable) – Ok first of all, how does Kurt get to book an entire hall to himself, with his name in lights on stage and apparently an orchestra made up of ghosts? This was actually impressive too, in a totally different way from ‘Pink Houses’ (which I felt should have been released as a single) but still filled with grit and angst and drama. Plus, like Cory, Mark and Naya Rivera (who plays Santana), Colfer actually showed a raw vocal ability that he hasn’t shown so far with his airy-fairy floaty falsettos. Vocal lessons must be paying off for everyone. These types of songs are again not my type but it was pretty good all the same. B+

One (original: U2) – I totally thought they were gonna have a full performance between Rachel and Zack Weinstein (which would actually have been pretty cool too) although the final group performance was pretty awesome in itself. I think the show has reached the point where, barring some totally different new arrangement of the song, we’re gonna know exactly how it would sound being covered by the Glee cast and this song is an example. I totally knew how it would go before they launched into the group sing. Still, that didn’t stop it from rocking out. My only complaint was that it seemed a bit short compared to other episode enders. A-


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