The new Pokémon starters, out of the shadow.

The Pokémon Black/White starters are totally revealed, after their silhouettes were shown a few days ago. Presenting the new starters…

…a.k.a. what was Nintendo thinking?! They’re even worse than the silhouettes! The fire starter really is a four-legged Spoink clone (with an unattractive colour combination), the grass starter (arguably the most decent looking one here) is super derivative (especially considering there’s already a lizard/gecko grass starter, assuming that’s what it is) and the water starter just looks like some pirated knock-off some kid drew up while doodling during class.

It just saddens me, as a water lover, when the water starter is not only the most ridiculous looking one, but so far below the others that I might not choose it just because I can’t stand to look at it (which is not the case even with Feraligatr). I mean, what animal is that ugly thing even supposed to be?!

The evolved versions of all three better be all kinds of hardcore and amazing because, based on this alone, this is looking to be the most meh set of starters yet.


One thought on “The new Pokémon starters, out of the shadow.

  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, they look so kiddie! and lack the “cool” factor! So now we have the grass gecko, the fire pig, and a water….uhm… fishy-teddy-bear-wearing-a-baby-napkin??!?!! >=[

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