American Idol Top 3 Results.

Some random notes from the episode:

-What happened to the group performances? They may have been terrible this season (and the previous few) but at least they’re more entertaining than that whole Tonight with Seacrest thing they had going on there.

-Crystal? Is absolutely adorable. I think she showed more personality in that little clip of her home visit than the entire season so far (not that she’s been an utter dud or anything). And I know it’s not on purpose, but that little conversation about her diabetes? So nabbing her the crown.

-Lee basically cried his way through his entire home visit, which is kinda endearing (and actually has been the whole season) considering he looks like one of those “Dude!” kinda laid-back…dudes. I mean, he’s basically out-Doolittle-ing Melinda Doolittle with the whole “oh em gee, I can’t believe this is happening to me” thing but it’s totally believable here. He really does look that surrealised (yes, I invent words now. It’s awesome).

-Casey’s home visit = utter snoozefest, pretty much like his performances.

-I can’t believe they padded up the show with so much rubbish and then basically went through the entire elimination process in literally three minutes. Still, though, this has to be one of the most predictable results in seasons.

-Looking back, it’s really surprising how far Casey has gotten. I mean, he started out as one of those novelty, almost-joke auditions but he managed to stay so long (and actually pretty deservedly so, considering this season was such a washout) and actually had a few great performances.

-Still, I’m excited for next week. Both Crystal and Lee have had their down weeks (although neither have been bad at all even on their worst weeks) but hopefully they’ll both bring it next week. One’s who I think is the best performer this season and deserves to win and the other is my personal fave. At least the right two survived (I mean, Siobhan was my fave for most of the early competition but she was totally mid-ranking for me by the time she got out).


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