American Idol Winner!

And the winner is…

Lee DeWyze!

The dark horse’s win against the frontrunner of the season is actually pretty predictable, considering the veracity of Lee’s voters (presumably the tween bloc) vs. Crystal’s (who would be the adults who won’t rabidly dial their phones after every show) and DialIdol had already predicted Lee’s win by a clear margin yesterday.

Still, I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, like I mentioned, my favourite contestant won but, on other hand, Crystal was clearly the better performer and completely outstriped him last night and, like I said, the fact that she didn’t win would probably cause a lot of Lee backlash.

But anyway, Crystal aside, I think Lee isn’t all that bad a winner. This has been a pretty mediocre season and he’s been one of the few who has not only churned out consistently decent performances, but also been improving as well. Even compared to other winners, he’s not all too bad.

I’d place him above Ruben, Fantasia, Taylor and even Jordin. In fact, I’d even put him above Kris, because Lee’s music style is more my personal cup of tea, even if Kris is the better singer. I’d actually consider buying Lee’s album, if he does songs similar to the studio recordings that he’s done.

Haven’t actually watched the show yet, so I can’t write much on the guest performances of the night but it’s a long, boring season and I’m glad it ended decently, if not with the outcome everyone wanted (well, obviously not everyone, actually).


One thought on “American Idol Winner!

  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, I think Lee is a better winner because he is more ‘fit in’ with the business nowadays. Chrystal is still lacking of the ‘star appearance’ (her talk, her expression). She is a bit too…average(?) despite her voiced. I see Lee as a more subtle David Cook. :-/

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