The new Pokémon Black/White legendaries.

At first glance, I actually thought that this was some fancy, badass fanart of Dialga and Palkia (especially Palkia) or some new formes of the two (similar to Shaymin’s Sky Forme).

Upon finding out that these will be the new legendaries in Pokémon Black and White (the one on the right with what appears to be a jet booster for an ass is called Reshiram while the other one with J.Lo’s butt is called Zekrom), my second thought was similar to many of those on the forums: apparently Pokémon are now Digimon.

Despite the fact that I usually abhor Digimon and its ugly artwork and character designs, though, I have to say that these two look really awesome. No matter what their stat distributions or moves or abilities or types (I predict the one on the right to be Dark/Steel) turn out to be, they’re the coolest legendaries to appear in a Pokémon game in really long.

In most of the recent Pokémon games, I’ve been pretty ambivalent about the legendaries (especially since there was such a flood of them in the past two generations) and most of them have been powerful but just plain ugly. These two, however, are brute-ish but look really cool. For the first time in Pokémon history, I want both legendaries equally!

Now let’s just hope Nintendo stops at two for their legendary count. Too many cooks spoil the broth, y’know, Game Freak?


One thought on “The new Pokémon Black/White legendaries.

  1. Justin says:

    When first looked at this, I thought the same thing too! They have really similar forms to the other ones. It looks like a battle between angel and devil. 😀 The one on the left is probably Dragon/Flying like Altaria. They does look cool though. I think a new pokemon game every year is a bit much…:S How are you suppose to catch ’em all like that! :O I guess I will bypass soulsilver and wait for the black/white edition. =[ And yeah, too many legendaries make them too normal.

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