Glee: Funk First Impressions.

In this episode: Jesse defects back to Vocal Adrenaline and they come to the McKinley High auditorium to sass New Directions up; Will finalises his divorce with Terri; Will decides that the way to defeat Vocal Adrenaline would be through funk; and lastly, Will decides to take revenge on Sue by seducing her and sending her -you guess it – into a funk.

Will’s Revenges (a.k.a. Worst Person Ever?)

Schue asking the New Directions kids to steal their school statue – worst teacher ever? And how is Finn suddenly a bad boy with Puck? And how come suddenly Quinn is so hung up about being funky (not to mention the random scene with Mercedes later on where she invites her to stay at her place)? The plot devices this week seem rather random (well, even more than usual).

Seducing Sue so as to dump her cruelly? So devious but so out of character for him. Isn’t he always the do-gooder boy scout who has to win by heart? It just doesn’t make sense. And it makes even less sense that Sue would actually go for him (although I love that Sue’s idea of “dressing up” for a date is to wear pearl necklaces with her tracksuit).

And seriously? That almost-kiss at the end? Schue’s such a terrible person. And he still can’t get a one-up against Sue. What a loser.

Terri’s redemption

This is just all kinds of weird, although it’s pretty cool that she actually gets a redemption arc. There were a lot of May-December undertones between her and Finn, though. It’s be interesting to see how this goes.

Funking Vocal Adrenaline

Jesse’s defection? Totally predictable, even if he had gone soft for Rachel a tad in the past few weeks. Also, I’ve heard that this episode was actually meant to air before last week’s, explaining Jesse’s no show in last week’s episode.

Songs of the week

Another One Bites the Dust (original: Queen) – I actually thought this was pretty funky (although my idea of funk is probably so far off the actual definition it’s a whole other genre totally). Jonathan Groff, while still not as good as the girls, is probably one of the best male singers on this show and it shows here. He’s all sassy and edgy and, dare I say it, funkay. The choreo, to me, was actually a bit boring and similar to Vocal Adrenaline’s previous performances but it was a decent song. B

Loser (original: Beck) – Wow, Cory and Mark can actually do funk! That was actually more legit than I’d have expected from them. I actually like this, for some reason, although I can’t really explain why. Maybe it’s just cause it’s a fun song and a little unexpected from the two guys. B+

It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World (original: James Brown) – I was actually a bit disappointed when I realised who’d be singing this song because I really like it and, let’s face it, pretty face or no, Dianna Agron ain’t that great a singer. This was actually a better, grittier vocal than I expected (although she’s still the weakest of the girls) but it was just all sorts of weird. Firstly, the random prancing pregnant girls are totally random (are they supposed to be from the school? Does McKinley High have the highest rate of unwed pregnancy or what? And should they be doing that weird huffing dance step in their state?) and secondly, this song just doesn’t seem to make much sense in the episode since there’s been hardly any lead up plot-wise and the sexist women-empowerment overtones just don’t seem to fit in with the song. It’s like they suddenly remembered Quinn exists and just shoved this random solo in for her. C+

Tell Me Something Good (original: Rufus and Chaka Khan) – This was just all sorts of weird and creepy so I can’t even listen to it objectively. Add “sexy and seductive” to the list of song types that Matt Morrison should never touch again. C

Good Vibrations (original: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) – Again, Monteith and Salling randomly pull this out of the bag and, while they aren’t totally legit (and because this is apparently not even a real funk song), I think it’s about the best two white dudes would be able to do (and pretty similar to Marky Mark himself too). And the dancing, while totally dorky, was utterly entertaining. And Amber Riley was pretty good on the refrains. B+

Give Up the Funk (original: Parliament) – The intro with Kurt is just really disturbing. This is another one of those pretty good, fun songs that the Glee kids seem to do a lot of. While it might not be the usual explosive (or quietly dramatic) show finishers the show usually employs at the end of each episode, that could perhaps just be because of the theme limitation and they did the best with this that they could. It’s still fun, though, although I don’t think I’d be really intimated by their routine much. B+

Overall I thought this was a decent, if slightly meh episodes. The dialogues weren’t that funny but at least there weren’t so many glaring loopholes (or maybe I’m just lazy this week). The songs too, while not outstanding, weren’t too bad too, just languishing in mediocrity. Overall I’d give the episode a B. Maybe I’m just not funky enough.


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