I wanna take a bite of the Apple!

So, it’s official! At WWDC 10, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPhone 4 at the end of this month. It looks pretty much exactly the same as it did when it leaked a few weeks ago and sporting the same features (which are really exciting).

5 megapixel camera (not to mention both front and back cameras), insane new display screen (called the Retina Display, because it displays more pixels than the human retina can process or something), HD video recording, some iPhone-to-iPhone video chatting thing called FaceTime and, of course, the new iPhone OS4 (now renamed iOS4), which has just about every feature I’ve wanted corrected in iPhone OS 3 (portrait mode lock, multi-tasking, folders for icons etc.)

And just like what I mentioned in my above-linked post, it looks by far the best out of all the iPhones to me, probably cause it’s cased in a different material that is more fingerprint-proof, a big plus for me.

Unlike what I expected (a release date in Singapore a couple of months later), it’ll actually arrive in Singapore in July! Meaning that by the time my contract’s first year ends in August and I can upgrade my phone plan (albeit at a slightly higher price), it’ll be out!

ps. And my favourite non-iPhone announcement so far? That, unlike in previous generations, iOS4 will be a free download for iPod Touches as well! Last time, iTouch users had to pay a few USD to get the upgrade which iPhone users get for free. Glad to see they finally remember that iTouch users are also their customers.


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