New Pokémon!

Following the release of the two new mascots for the new movie, the three starters and the two legendaries, new random Pokémon from the upcoming Pokémon Black/White have been released:

I’m…not sure what to think of this new batch yet. The Zoro- family is totally meh to me (even more so than Lucario from one of the previous movies) and the starters were disappointing (although Pumbaa’s grown on me) but the two legendaries were awesomeness personified.

While the above few Pokémon don’t look bad per se (and might even turn cute after repeated stares), many of them look like Digimon clones, which has been a persistent with the Pokémon series lately. The white chinchilla (Chiramii), in particular, looks like it could have come from any Digimon series. Same goes for Hihidaruma, the fiery red thingy (I have no idea what animal it’s supposed to be).

I assume that pigeon thing (another pigeon?) is going to be the standard normal/flying bird you can catch early in the game but it’s a tad disappointing because it looks almost exactly like Starly (although Staraptor is the best of all of them), only dumber. It’s actually kinda cute but it’s too been-there-done-that, y’know?

The gear thing, aptly named Gear, looks quite cute but I’m betting it’s just going to turn out to be another Plusle and Minun (i.e. cute little things to pull in the kids but terrible in the stats department).

And is it just me or does Meguruko, the crocodile thingy, bring to mind this fella’?


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