Journey to the West (Coast).

As you might or might not know, I’ve been busy the past week, and not just because I’ve started my MOE internship teaching at a secondary school. I’ve also been spending my time packing up for a house move and that day has finally arrived. This morning, I got up for the last time at my Guilin View flat at Bukit Gombak, said goodbye to the beautiful view and made my way to my new flat at Blue Horizon at West Coast Crescent.

Saying goodbye to my hall for the last time. This will be the last time I'll see the hall in the morning.

Enjoying the view from the balcony for the last time.

Ah, that view!

Hello, new hall!

The new view. It's actually more panoramic than this but I could only get so much with my digicam. NUS FASS in the distance!

Many thanks to Wai Lreng and Shin for forcing themselves up so early in the nice, rainy weather to help me with the move! You guys are awesome.

Anyway, now that the main moving is done, I’ve got loads of unpacking and setting up of stuff to do and I’m so thankful that Monday will be an off day for me since it’s Youth Day and teachers don’t have to go to school I’m still a youth.

Checklist for things to do, now:
-Set up wireless
-Start moving clothes over first
-Actual move
-Set up hall TV console and home theatre system
-Arrange toiletries back into toilet
-Arrange my clothes cupboard
-Arrange my bookshelf

-Set up desk (must buy desk first)
-Set up room TV and game consoles
-Change bedsheets
-Help pack kitchen stuff
-Help pack study area
-Help pack miscellaneous stuff left over in the house



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